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Introducing the Low Carb Weight-reduction plan – Dr Vinay Bhardwaj – 1 of 6 in Low Carb Weight-reduction plan

Hey my title is Vinay Bhardwaj.

I’m a doctorand I work for this superb firm referred to as Develop.

And I’d like to speak to you aboutour new weight-reduction plan referred to as the Low Carb Weight-reduction plan.

On this collection of movies we can be speaking in regards to the position ofCarbohydrates in weight achieve.

We can be discussing phrases like Insulin resistance, Ketosis andissues like Carbohydrate biking.

So what we’ve finished is we’ve divided thesevideos into 6 sections.

Within the first part we can be speaking about why individuals achieve weight.

Whatinsulin resistance is.

and the position of sugar in insulin resistance.

After that we’ll speak aboutwhat the low carb weight-reduction plan is, what the low carb Way of life is.

And we’ll discuss Carb Flu and Carb Withdrawal.

We’ll discuss what Ketosis is and what a ketonic weight-reduction plan actually is.

And eventually we’ll discusscarbohydrate refeeding or biking is.

That is most likely a few of the newest researchthat has been finished on the Indian ethnic inhabitants as an alternative of Western populations.

Making morerelevant for individuals in India, so I stay up for speaking about it with you.

I’ll be speaking about insulin and insulin resistance and it’s position in weight achieve.

I feel that earlier than we begin it will be good to outline a few of our phrases.

We have to know what Insulinis and its position.

Insulin is made in your individual physique.

Everytime you eat something with sugar in it.

Insulin is launched and sugar is funnelled from the blood stream.

into the cells and is thenburned as vitality.

When you have got numerous insulin launched your blood sugar will fall quickly and thesugar will get shovelled into your muscle groups and the opposite wholesome tissues in your physique.

Whenever you don’t have sufficient insulin.

youcan develop ailments like diabetes or worsen ailments like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

Whereinstead of shifting sugar into muscle groups cells, it’s moved into fats cells.

Insulin resistance is a state of affairs the place yourcosy makes SO MUCH insulin that your muscle groups, bones and all of the wholesome tissues in yourbody begin ignoring the insulin.

They cease listening to it.

The identical as not having sufficient.

On this state of affairs, you pancreas is makingtoo a lot and your cells say that Okay i’m not going to simply accept any sugar anymore.

i’m not goingto take heed to you anymore.

So thats what we name insulin resistance and it’s the identical as having noinsulin.

When your physique shouldn’t be listening to its personal alerts.

thats when all of the vitality you eatgets saved as fats.

Fats cells, they don’t burn as a lot vitality,they’re really mechanisms for the physique to retailer vitality in order that they burn much less.

So if you don;t have insulin in your bodyor its not functioning correctly.

It results in Diabetes and PCOS and it makes these ailments worse.

So what causes insulin resistance.

Simplyput, Sugar.

Easy sugars are absorbed in a short time by means of the intestine.

We eat in trendy days morethan three occasions the quantity of sugar that our ancestors ate.

I’m speaking about 2 – three a long time in the past.

With the introduction of enormous quantities of processed meals and grocery store merchandise.

So we’re eatinga lot extra sugar and our our bodies can’t sustain.

In order that we don’t make sufficient insulin or thatthe insulin WE ARE making is getting ignored by the So on this weight-reduction plan, what we try to dois lower insulin resistance.

Decrease the quantity of sugar you eat.

Decrease insulin requirement and resistancein your physique and due to this fact.

as a aspect impact.

lower your weight.